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Sadly, links rot, sites die, and files are lost to time, but you may be able to help!

Below is a list of some notable Window Sitters that I've been unable to track down, however, if you have any Window Sitter at all that's not currently on this site, please let me know!

Window Sitter World's Most Wanted:
  • Any WinTop2 stuff
  • VisualBasic version of TinaSitter
  • More ActWin Window Sitters available in AW format (I know they're out there somewhere... The ActWin32 loader includes an image of a tonnnn of them)
  • More MindFocus stuff (I seem to recall there being a few links missing)
  • A version of ActWin's Multi program without most outfits greyed out
  • There's two missing ActMink Window Sitters contained within archives named "nachi.lzh" and "DarlingHeart.lzh" (the top two entries on this page)
  • ActX Modules actx-module-usamai.tar.gz and actx-module-noemi.tar.gz from this page.
  • ActX packages/binaries for NEWS-5000, Debian, Red Hat, and FreeBSD (this page provides links to these missing builds) along with the mascots only released on the ActX CDs (basically everything here) though a lot of these seem to be available in converted form for MaCoPiX
  • NokkariChara's latest version (which is at least 1.40) and most of its characters seem lost to time. This page lists quite a few mascots, but only four are currently found.

All available files are property of their respective owners and are provided for achival and historical purposes

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